Life in Marketing at Zatori Consulting

Today we caught up with Charlotte so she could tell us a bit more about herself and what she gets up to at Zatori…

Hi Charlotte, how did you get involved with Zatori?

Hello! I’m Charlotte, I joined Zatori back in 2019 as a placement student and after a short break to complete my degree in Marketing and Advertising Management I was welcomed back into the team, and they haven’t been able to get rid of me since!

Since returning I have been running our marketing, it’s quite a broad role as I work on our internal materials as well our external branding / advertising for our subscription clients on TALENT.

How has your role developed?

Initially I began by creating a lot of our internal marketing and branding materials whilst managing our social presence to help create awareness for the brand and generate candidates. Since then, Zatori has grown, and we have extended our services to provide a subscription platform to clients called TALENT – Your Internal Recruiter.

Each client of TALENT receives a dedicated amount of marketing time which allows me to drive forward their employer brand (as well as their value proposition) in the talent pools they ask us to focus on.

We always believed educating talent pools about why they should apply is an invaluable part of any recruitment process. It ultimately adds value in a way most other recruitment businesses and models simply can’t, and being able to dedicate all my time solely to the Marketing at Zatori means we can deliver the unique service to the highest standard for all our clients.

All in all, the creation of TALENT has allowed me to grow a lot in my role here at Zatori, as I now get to manage the marketing for all our client members of the subscription service. It keeps me very busy and engaged which I love.

What do you like about what you do at Zatori?

A huge part of my role I really value is the creative freedom I get to use, all our clients have widely different branding styles which I get to explore, meaning every week for me is different. I like that I am afforded the time needed to get to know our client partners so I can produce materials that are personal to each. Partnering with marketeers and clients is like working in my own mini marketing consultancy!

How do you feel about working for a startup?

As a young student I was always attracted to the big names, I applied for other placement opportunities with the likes of JD, Boohoo and Converse (all fashion focused markets) so if I were to tell my younger self I would end up working at a startup recruitment firm and absolutely love it, I don’t think I would have believed it!

Working for a smaller company has so many advantages and I think a huge part I have been able to benefit from has been my fast development.

Our set up has allowed me to feel very central to the brand, which is always shared closely with all the team. It makes a huge difference understanding what is going on within the company, it means we can enjoy the wins all together but also work through the tougher times, where there is always opportunity to share opinions and work together on resolutions.

Working at Zatori, a business made up of less than ten people, has meant a lot of time has been dedicated to my development. In a large corporation by comparison its common for managers not to have that free time for you, whereas at Zatori since starting I have had close mentoring and guidance, which no matter how Independent I become in my role, I know will always be there. In addition to having a strong mentor, Zatori are extremely keen to aid personal learning and development and are always very supporting of any additional training or courses I wish to do.

The creative control I have been given has allowed me to form an extremely strong branding style, as well as understand myself more and how I work to my best capabilities. Whilst the method of trial and error can take longer, being given the time for this has been hugely valuable to the brand coming from a startup perspective. Working out what works best for us and how, has allowed everything we create to be at its full potential and is something I am proud of.

Of course, we are always building on who we are as a brand as we grow, but as it stands, I am very appreciative to have been part of the Zatori journey so far and look forward to all the new projects and people we will be working with in the future!

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If you would to like to know more about what it is really like to work here at Zatori, I am always happy to have a chat  so please don’t hesitate to drop me an email at:

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